About Gagarin Colony

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Yuri Gagarin Mine was the second mineral extraction facility established on the moon of Eisa. Built high in the mountains on the far side of the moon, it's under constant darkness save for the bio-luminescent flora and crystals.

The mine was closed in 1992, when Boris Yeltsin dissolved the colony, and remained abandoned for the next five years.

During the massive flooding on Eisa, in 1997, a group of old colonists; engineers, mechanics and miners, made their way to the Gagarin mine site to set up a refugee encampment.

When the waters subsided, the refugees remained... Gagarin colony was born.

Early Days

Like the rest of post-Soviet Eisa, Gagarin struggled to survive. Food was scarce, most grown in a makeshift greenhouse, and basic supplies were hard to come by. The colony had an unlikely benefactor in Andrei Javik, who's shipping operation was unaffected by the natural disasters on the surface. For a price, he provided the colony with trade avenues to nearby colonies. A market took hold on the colony.

Struggles for Power

The Gagarin refugees proved to be their own worst enemies. All skilled workers from the mining colony, power struggles for control were common, keeping the fledgling settlement in a constant state of turmoil and unrest.

A Common Foe

In 2005, the American robotics company, Nanite Systems, made its debut on the lonely moon. While "the Company" invested huge resources turning the original Eisa settlement into its showroom of tomorrow, the residents of Gagarin but in their heels to resist the changes.

A Brave New Frontier

In the years after Nanite Systems arrived, the colonists themselves have settled into a fragile stability. There is a council of planners "the elders." Corruption is pervasive.