Become a Javik Unit

Javik Units are state-of-the-art pleasure androids created by Andrei Javik to fulfill the desires of guests on Javik Station.

While some are fully synthetic, many are converted (illegally) from humans.

Javik Units use Nanite Systems technology, are provided with full training and support, and receive robust, custom programming.

They are fully versatile and highly trained in the art of satisfying the most demanding customer...

Javik Units are full time residents and have the opportunity for promotion to Security, lab technicians, android maintenance and station management.

If you are ready for the next level of robotic living, submit yourself for consideration.

Nanite Systems Products

  • Javik Station and Gaga-Rin Colony use Nanite Systems controller devices and products for android roleplay.
  • We provide full support and custom character software for our members.
  • Candidates should NOT purchase or install NS¬†products until instructed.
  • Candidates will receive a shopping list and your controller device will be installed in roleplay.

Acceptable Characters & Avatars

  • You must have a contemporary, mesh avatar.
  • Your avatar must be clearly an adult.
  • Furries, anthros, animal hybrids or animal heads are not permitted.
  • Anime heads are not permitted.
  • Magic or supernatural powers are not permitted.
  • Angels, demons or other supernatural beings are not permitted.
  • Werewolves, vampires and other fantasy creatures are not permitted.

Please read our complete list of rules before applying.