Roleplay 101 – Part 1

Basic Roleplay Terms:

1. Emote: A single post, usually some description and spoken words. You can use the /me command for descriptions and put your character's spoken words in "quotes."

2. IC - In Character: Speaking as your character. Everything in Local Chat is considered in character unless marked using ((double parentheses)).

3. OOC - Out-of-Character: Talking as yourself, the player. Always use ((double parenthesis)) to indicate that you are out-of-character when in Local Chat.

4. AFK - Away from keyboard: Temporarily leaving the scene for real life.

5. NPC - Non-player Characters: Characters who have a part in the roleplay but who are not actual players. Our Planning Council are NPC's: Vidam Romanov, the Tovich brothers, Mama Kim, and others. Their backstories are maintained by the sim creators.

6. Para Roleplay: Posting longer emotes, one or more paragraphs.

7. Semi-Para roleplay: Posting shorter emotes, usually two or three sentences.

8. One-liner or Action roleplay: Posting a single-line emote of description or spoken words.

We use semi-para roleplay and one-liners for the sake of pacing. In one-on-one scenes, some players use para-roleplay.