Roleplay 101 – Part 2

Roleplay DOs:

1. DO invest in your character.
Your character's history, personality, and motives are your creation. Do they have a secret, dark past? Are they smart, dumb, paranoid, scheming? Be creative. The more dimension you give your character, the richer roleplay.

2. DO invest in the roleplay.
Even a dock worker can add humor, drama, and move roleplay along. Let your character's motives and past be revealed over time to create plot twists.

3. DO be generous with your roleplay.
Everyone should help keep the roleplay going. Even if your character is passive, you, the player, should help keep scenes moving. If there is a lull in the conversation, a
sk another character about their past to restart a dialog.

4. DO wait your turn.
We do not use strict post order, however, when several people are in a scene, follow the order that you joined in. Say all you want to say in one post and then let the conversation go around the circle before you post again.

5. DO pay attention to pace.
Pay attention to how long you take to post. If you write a lot, adapt your style for the scene to keep things moving. Don't leave people wondering if you're AFK.

6. DO use good grammar and punctuation.
Some members are non-native English-speakers and use translation software. They can have trouble with slang, bad grammar, and no punctuation. Put some effort that your posts aren't sloppy.

7. DO be helpful with beginners.
Share your knowledge with inexperienced members. We all started somewhere.

8. DO be respectful to everyone.
Players are not their characters. If you're unsure of someone's limits, ask them in IM if they want to do something. If you have a conflict with someone, talk to them constructively in IM. Don't complain to other members.

9. DO have FUN!
Be non-judgemental of others' kinks. This is an adult roleplay and people's limits vary. If you are not into something, you don't have to join in. But allow others to explore their fetishes.