Roleplay 101 – Part 3


1. DON'T Godmod others!
Never act out other player's actions or make a roleplay decision that will have long-term consequences without permission. You can guide a scene where you would like it to go, and make a suggestion in IM, but never "play God" with other characters.

2. DON'T Godmod the sim!
Don't introduce themes, technologies, or abilities, or outside lore that isn't part of our setting. If you're unsure of our science, ask the creators.
Tip: We have anything you would see on Star Trek, but a much more primitive version.

3. DON'T metagame others!
There are things you, the player, knows that your character cannot know. If your character didn't see it or hear it in roleplay or through roleplay gossip, your character doesn't know about it!

4. DON'T metagame yourself!
Don't post your character's thoughts, feelings, or memories. Other characters cannot read your character's mind and can only respond to what they see and hear. To communicate your internal thoughts, act it out or say it in dialog.

5. DON'T park in a scene!
If you need to go AFK for a moment, tell the group in OOC: ((back in 5 minutes)). If you'll be gone for an extended time, sit in a chair and mark yourself as "Unavailable."

6. DON'T chat OOC excessively in Local Chat.
When you need to tell something to the group in OOC, always indicate it with ((double parentheses)) or tell them in IM.

7. DON'T argue OOC in roleplay.
If you have a disagreement with another player, work it out in IM. Never argue openly.

8. DON'T sideline ongoing roleplay scenes.
Always join in when others are roleplaying in common areas. Listen first to get caught up before posting so you do not change the topic of their existing conversation.

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