Andrei Javik

Place of birth:
Gorbunovo, Russia (former USSR), Earth

Date of birth:
October 9, 1973

Genetic modifications:

Synthetic modifications:

Creator & Owner, Lorekeeper
Education and work history:

Gorbunovo School — Gorbunovo, Russia
Novosibirsk Oblast Technikum — Chebaki, Russia

Marineris Extraction Camp, Mars Colony — Maintenance Specialist
Yuri Gagarin Mining Facility, Eisa — Robotics Engineer
Javik Station, Eisa — Owner


Andrei was born in the former Soviet Union and studied mining and robotics engineering. His first assignment was at the Marineris Extraction Camp on Mars Colony as a robotics maintenance specialist. He was transferred to the Yuri Gagarin mining facility on Eisa in 1991, during its final year of operation.

In the chaos that followed the collapse of the USSR, Andrei acquired a decommissioned cargo station and built his spoils trading supplies, contraband, and robots with the remaining Eisa colonists and surrounding colonies.

During the flooding of 1997, Andrei provided his station as a refugee center, then assisted a group of Eisa colonists who fled to the higher ground, setting up camp at the abandoned Yuri Gagarin mine.

With the arrival of Nanite Systems in 2005, Andrei saw the dazzling potential of the new generation of companion androids and economic boom the corporation would bring to Eisa.

He refurbished his station as a casino and recreation facility, rebranded as "Javik Station", and tapped into the steady flow of work crews, pilots, and the new business class flocking to Eisa.

His recreational units provide state-of-the-art, exotic entertainment to the new arrivals, turning Javik Station into one of the moon's success stories.