About Javik Units…

What is a Javik Unit?

Javik Units are state-of-the-art, male, pleasure androids owned by robotics mastermind and crime boss Andrei Javik.

Most Javik Units have been captured and converted illegally from hapless, deep space travelers.

After invasive and irreversible surgical roboticization, these male bots exist to satisfy the desires of guests at Javik Station.

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Javik Units can reside on our sim and can be promoted to the security team, robot maintenance, and other important roles at Javik Station and Gaga-Rin Colony.

Previous sci-fi roleplay experience is useful but not required. Roleplayers with experience in other genres or beginning roleplayers are welcome to apply.

Nanite Systems Android Products:

Our sim uses Nanite Systems android roleplay devices extensively. We provide guidance on what to purchase, installation, support and training. We also provide custom character software to enhance your roleplay.

Avatar Requirements:
    • Javik Units are open for male characters only.
    • You must have a contemporary, mesh avatar.
    • Your avatar must be clearly an adult.
Please read our rules before applying.