Visitor Rules

Children, Teens, Barely Legal & Age-play:

Not permitted - Strictly enforced

If there is enough doubt about your appearance or intentions, you will be asked to adjust your avatar or leave. Avatar must be clearly adult.

This is 100% our staff's discretion.

Avatar Scale:

Our sim is built in proportion with most Niramyth Aesthetic, male avatars. We do not try to match real-world measurements.

We will overlook your scale as long as you are clearly an adult avatar.

Avatar Appearance:

    • Please no uncovered genitals in public areas without an RP reason.
    • Please no intrusive sound gestures, particle emitters or animations except at parties.
If the lag meter or an admin says your avatar is impacting the server, please do something about it.

Furries, Animal Heads & Anthros:

Not permitted

Javik Station and Gaga-Rin Colony is a human and humanoid-android roleplay. Animals and animal heads will be asked to switch to human or humanoid-android form.


Robots with ears, tails, or other, minimal animal attachments are permitted as long as your avatar is majority humanoid.

Anime Eyes & Heads:

If you're a visitor, you'll be treated like a human or robot.
If your look is extremely childlike, you may be asked to leave.
Anime features are not permitted for the private roleplay group.

Fantasy Creatures & Races, Shapeshifters:

Not Permitted

Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, Elves, Aliens and other fantasy creatures are not permitted.

Magic & Supernatural Abilities:

Not permitted


Introducing setting-breaking or inappropriate powers is prohibited. Individuals who continue after a warning will be asked to leave.

OOC / Observer Tags:

    • Please keep OOC (out-of-character) chatter to a minimum.
    • If you would like to explore as an observer, Observer OOC tags are available at the information boards.
    • If you must go AFK, please use a chair or a sofa.
Unattended avatars will be ejected.

Financial Transactions:

Prostitution scenes and renting units for sex are done in roleplay only. Escorting for Lindens is not permitted.

Gesture Spamming:

Sound gestures are not appreciated except at parties. We make exceptions for Nanite Systems robot chimes and sound effects that enhance their character.

Locked Doors & Privacy:

Locked areas are reserved for residents. Please do not jump through doors. Sex pods and private rooms are available for private play.

Do not interrupt unless invited.

General Etiquette:

    • Residents and visitors have a wide range of backgrounds. Avoid real-world discussions (i.e. politics, religion) that are likely to start an argument.
    • Residents are IC (in character). Please respect roleplay situations you encounter.
    • Residents wear a group tag. If they refer you to our rules, please don't argue.
    • If you are harassing with residents or guests, you will be asked to leave and may be banned from returning.
Respect the player behind the keyboard.