Welcome Visitors…

Membership to our private roleplay group is limited to adult, gay males.
Everyone is welcome for tavern roleplay and to our OOC events.

Here are a few guidelines for our sim...

Children, Teens & Age-play:

Your avatar must be clearly an adult.
If there is doubt about your appearance or intentions, you may be asked to adjust your avatar or leave. 

Furries & Animals:

Our roleplay is for humans and humanoid-robot characters.
All avatar types are welcome to our OOC events (except underaged).

Anime Features:

Anime features are not allowed in our private roleplay group.
All avatar types are welcome at our OOC events (except underaged).

Fantasy Creatures & Shapeshifters:

Vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, elves, and other fantasy creatures are not part of our lore and are not allowed in our roleplay.

Magic, Supernatural Abilities & Godmodding:

Magic is not part of our lore and is not allowed in our roleplay.
Do not grant yourself setting-breaking powers.

Clothing, Gestures & Attachments:

    • No uncovered genitals in public areas without a roleplay reason.
    • Sound gestures are not appreciated except at parties.
    • If the lag meter or an admin says your avatar is impacting the server, please do something about it.

Financial Transactions:

    • "Renting" units for sex is roleplay only. Escorting is not allowed
    • Sim rentals are available for private roleplay group members only.
    • Event contest prizes and sploders are in Lindens.
    • Tip jars for DJs and the sim are available. Donations are appreciated.

OOC, Observer Tags & Parking:

    • Residents remain in character.
    • Please keep OOC (out-of-character) chatter to a minimum.
    • Observer tags are available to explore without participating.
    • If you must go AFK, please park on a chair or a sofa.

General Etiquette:

    • Residents and visitors have a wide range of backgrounds. Avoid real-world topics (i.e. politics, religion) that are likely to start an argument.
    • Please respect any active roleplay you encounter.
    • Do not interrupt private sex scenes unless invited.
    • If you are harassing, disruptive, or won't take "no" for an answer, you will be asked to leave and may be banned from returning.