Welcome Visitors…

Javik Station is scifi-themed, community sim for adult, human, male avatars.

Female avatars are allowed at special events listed as open to both male and female avatars.

Thank you for respecting our community.

Here are some guidelines while on our sim...

Children, Teens & Age-play:

Your avatar must be clearly an adult.

"Barely legal" or ambiguous age avatars are not allowed.

If there is any doubt about your appearance, you will be asked to adjust your avatar or leave. This is entirely at the discretion of our admins.

Furries & Animal Avatars:

Javik Station is for adult, human, male avatars.

Furries, animals, and fantasy avatars are not allowed. Please switch to an adult, human, male avatar while on our sim.

Fantasy Creatures & Shapeshifters:

Vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, elves, and other fantasy creatures are not part of our sim theme.

If you are a fantasy role-player, please switch to an adult, human male avatar while on our sim.


If the lag meter or an admin says your avatar is impacting the server, please do something about it.

Financial Transactions:

    • Escorting and AFK sex is not allowed on our sim.
    • DJ and Host tip jars are available at events.
    • Sim donations are appreciated.

Exploring the Sim, Photography:

    • You can explore the sim and use our setting for your photography.
    • Please tag #javikstation in your shared photography.
    • You can share photos taken on our sim in our Flickr Group.

General Etiquette:

    • Our community represents a wide range of backgrounds. Avoid discussions of real-world topics (politics, religion) that are likely to start an argument.
    • Do not enter private residences or locked areas without permission.
    • If you are harassing or disruptive to residents or guests, you will be asked to leave and may be permanently banned.
    • If you get into bed with an AFK resident you will be ejected and may be permanently banned.