Serial number:

Date of manufacture:

Al Sayed Faisallah Industries

Current Owner:
Javik Station


drumg0 was manufactured on Mars colony by Al Faisallah Industries as a security drone.

The unit was purchased by the Androtech robotics company in 2017 and used as a security asset until the company was shut down by federal agents for racketeering and evidence of illegal human roboticization. The company's assets were impounded as evidence.

Following the Androtech trial, drumg0 was purchased at an FBI auction by Andrei Javik. drumg0 was refurbished as a recreational and security asset at Javik Station.

[Author's note:]

Michael T. Drumgo was a U.S. federal agent born on Mars colony in 1984. He was sent undercover to investigate the owner of Androtech.

He was captured, subjected to human roboticization, and used as a security drone. His disappearance led to the conviction of Androtech's owner.

His human memories were eradicated during the roboticization process and his origin was fabricated and installed by Androtech.

He may or may not have knowledge of true nature as a former human.