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Cthulhu Cult 800

Cult of Cthulhu

This anarcho-nihilist cult is driven by the goal of destroying mankind's laws and social order. They believe that, once human civilization has been toppled, primordial, intergalactic beings will awaken to reclaim their rule over Earth and other developed planets.

Persecuted for acts of terrorism on Earth, followers use galactic travel to flee to the distant corners of explored space.

One group of diaspora has settled near the colony of Gaga-Rin, using its hostile mountain wilderness and dreaded caves for their rituals, blending in with the colony’s unwitting denizens, and seeking recruits to fulfill their diabolic plan to bring mankind to ruin.

Background & beliefs:

According to belief, Cthulhu led the ‘Great Old Ones’: extraterrestrial beings who colonized Earth when the planet was young. They ruled the primordial planet from huge, stone cities and possibly created the first life on Earth.

After millions of years, their great city of R'lyeh met with disaster, sinking beneath the Pacific Ocean and leaving the Old Ones entombed in the deep.

Unable to awaken from their death-sleep, the Old Ones communicated with prehistoric man telepathically, leading them to ancient sites and imparting sinister knowledge of distant worlds.

The cults that arose were primitive, secluded, and bloodthirsty. The Old Ones were also able to influence the gifted and the insane through dreams.

Followers believe that, once humanity sinks into decadence and chaos, the Old Ones will awaken to destroy the fragile societies of man, usher in an era of anarchy, violence, and unbridled hedonism, and reclaim their rightful place as rulers of the blue planet.