Mr. SL Leather Contest

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During FOLSOM @ JAVIK STATION 2023, we are holding our annual competition to find MR. SL LEATHER!

As well as exciting prizes, our winner will hold the title of Mr. SL Leather for 2024 and will have opportunities to appear at events within Second Life and on Social Media.

Your home of operations will be The Bunker Leather Club for Men: the heart of our Second Life Leather community.

Contestants can enter one of two categories:

  • Mr. SL Leather Daddy
  • Mr. SL Leather Boy

After being accepted as a contestant, we will contact you for an interview for the judges.

An judging panel of partner sim owners and merchants will vote on the winner of each category and the ultimate winner of Mr. SL Leather for 2024!


Winners of each category will receive prizes donated by our merchants and hold their titles for the next 12 months.

The overall winner will receive the title Mr. SL Leather for 2024, amazing prizes, a professional photo shoot, and an apartment at Javik Station - completely rent free - for his 12-month term.

Winners will have opportunities to appear at Second Life Pride events, charity events, and community expos throughout the year!


Holders of the Mr. SL Leather title should enjoy serving as a positive role model for the Second Life leather community.

Both category winners and Mr. SL Leather will have the opportunity to make appearances at The Bunker Leather Club For Men to mix with their community and provide a face to the fun. Based on their availability, they can take their turn at on the podiums as Bunker Boys at our weekly parties.

They will have photo opportunities at Javik Station & COX Leather events throughout the year and have a special voice in Javik stations online community.

They will have the chance to represent Mr. SL Leather at LGBTQ+ events in Second Life throughout the year; at Second Life Pride events, charity events, and community expos, with the intention of promoting the Second Life leather community in a positive light.


Contestants should be genuine lovers of leather and dress appropriately at all in-world Mr. SL Leather events.

Contestants should be prepared to carry out the role of Mr. SL Leather should they be a winner. If they are unable to carry out the role, the title will be offered to the runner up for the remaining duration of their term.

By entering the contest, you agree that you will strive to be the best representative of the Second Life leather community, conducting yourself and promoting the rest of us in a positive way to make the whole community proud.


Javik Station opened in 2017 as a gay, sci-fi, roleplay sim with monthly parties for members and visitors. Over 6 years, we have evolved into a community of creators, artists, roleplayers, DJs, and photographers.

In 2018, we began participating in fundraising expos for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaigns.

With a booth, parties, and merchandise, we have been regularly awarded top earner for each expo, raising between L$600,000 (US$2,400) and L$800,000 (US$3,200) twice per year.

In 2022, Andrei Javik was marketing director for SciFi Expo, which raised L$2,411,199 (US$9,644.80) for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

In 2023, Javik Station organized a 2-month fundraising event on our sim for Relay For Life, raising L$534,303 (US$2,213) at our opening-night party. From May through June, we raised a total of L$1,001,208 (US$4,004) for Relay For Life and were awarded top new individual fundraising team for 2023.


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