Handling Visitors

Guide for handling visitors

We want visitors to have fun and encourage new people to join. We also want to keep problems to a minimum.

Here are permission levels if you need help with troublemakers:

Sim Owner (full permissions):
Andrei Javik (AndreiJavik Resident)

Sim Admins (ban permissions):
drumg0 (Drumgo Resident)
m4x (Maximillian Loon)

Sim Moderators (eject permissions):
drumg0 (Drumgo Resident)
Rob (RubberRob Resident)
Endo (godot10012 Resident)
Harley (HarleyVrod Resident)
m4x (Maximillian Loon)

1. Read the visitor rules carefully: javikstation.com/rules/

Our rules are to avoid problems and preserve the setting. They are standard for roleplay sims.

If you need to remind someone of our rules, always be friendly. Most visitors are not here to cause problems. They just did not read the rules before wandering in.  Give them a chance!

2. Greeting Visitors:

When a visitor arrives at the Main Landing, send them an IM:

"Welcome to Javik Station. You can come join us.
"If you have any questions about the sim or the roleplay, feel free to ask me."

When a visitor comes to the Colony or Station:

    • Always stay in character.
    • Greet them as if they are a space traveler.
    • Ask them if they are from Earth or one of the Nearby Colonies.
    • We allow them to wander around and join in friendly tavern roleplay to give them a sample.
    • If they have questions about the sim or joining, talk to them in IM in OOC.
    • If they want more information, guide them to the information boards and website.
3. Dealing with Prohibited Avatars:
Animals and Furries:

We don't allow furries or animal characters except at dances.
Politely tell them in IM that they can look around as an observer, but if they want to return, they need to have a human avatar.

Some robots from Eisa have ears or tails but who are mostly humanoid. They are allowed.

Children and young avatars:

We are an Adult sim. All avatars must be clearly adults.

You will see some fembois and twinks who try to look 12 years old and will argue that they are 18 years old if asked. We do not allow this.

Use your best judgment. If you have any doubt about their appearance, tell them in IM that young appearing avatars are not permitted and they can age up or leave. Andrei will back you up and ban them if they give you a problem.

Anime Avatars:

We do not allow anime characters and anime heads, even robots, in the private group. Visitors can have anime features, but if they look too young, see above.

Naked Avatars:

Human visitors should have their genitals covered in public areas. Politely tell them to wear pants unless they are having sex in a private pod.

4. Griefers and Harassers:

Griefers try to crash sims by running malicious scripts, play loud music, or doing other things to make a nuisance. We have sim settings that disable common griefer scripts. If you see something that looks suspicious, tell a moderator, an admin, or Andrei.

If you encounter someone who is harassing and you cannot handle them, mute them and tell a moderator, an admin, or Andrei. If needed, the person will be banned.