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FRIDAY @ 5PM: Muscle Beach Party with DJ CHRISCO

Show off your beach bod at Javik Station's MUSCLE BEACH PARTY this Friday, June 11 at 5PM SLT!

DJ CHRISCO and host SEXY LUKE join the hot JAVIK BOYS for a steamy night of POP & DANCE hits!

Come show off your sexiest swimsuit! Don't miss it!

It's 2021, millions of miles from Earth, on a distant tropical moon...

High above the moon called Eisa, robotics mastermind Andrei Javik operates a floating pleasure palace on an aging Soviet cargo station.

He provides all manner of debauchery for weary, deep space travelers, including his sensual, male Javik Units: lifelike androids programmed to satisfy his customers' darkest desires.

But it's not all pleasure and delight...

Andrei has mastered the illegal process of transforming unwilling men into living sexbots, forced to perform at the flip of a switch!

Far below, in the rugged mountains of the moon's surface is Gaga-Rin Colony. Site of a former Russian mining colony, Gaga-Rin is a dumping ground for the galaxy's undesirables. Run by a corrupt, Soviet-era council, it's the perfect place for drifters, smugglers, and fugitives to live off the grid.

Not far away is Eisa's main settlement, home to the mega-corporation Nanite Systems. Its dazzling headquarters are a showcase of a future shared by robot and man, but the colony's citizens live under the iron fist of its police force NanoSec, crushing all resistance in its march towards a utopian tomorrow...

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