A Booming Gaga-Rin: For an Elite Few


GAGA-RIN, EISA – Shipments showing up more frequently. New individuals arriving almost daily looking for work (or love, or both). Facilities being upgraded and expanded at an increasing rate. I’m here to tell you that our little colony is in the midst of an expansion that seems unending.

The most recent expansion initiative seems to involve the lowly barracks. The current setup includes sleeping accommodations for four individuals. As this reporter has seen visitors sleeping on streets and even passed out at the bar at Sputnik’s, no one can deny that the colony has a housing crisis. And have you seen the line for the bathroom in the morning? The decon shower is being used for purely hygienic purposes, exposing a little too much of our fellow colonists.

So it came as no surprise when rumors began to spread, and work quickly began on a move and/or expansion of those barracks. This reporter confirmed with sources that the new barracks facility, which is planned to be installed above the existing supply depot, will sleep 12 individuals.

It is unclear if the old barracks will still remain as additional housing. If that is the case, the colony would have 16 beds for newcomers and colonists. If the existing barracks are any indication, the new facility will be constructed using the lowest cost materials possible

If you’re anything like me, you’re now wondering where is the official word? I would not hold my breath for the Planning Council to hold a public meeting anytime soon.

Likely the expansion will only happen via back door deals and only when someone finds it profitable to move forward.

If you look at the barracks expansion, with the current setup Demyan Tovich can take in $80/day ($20 per bed). That scales up to $240 for a new 12 bed facility, or $320 if they also keep the existing facility. That’s a lot of money for someone who most days is seen sleeping in public or leering at the nearest human/gynoid/android (gender seems to not matter, which I guess makes him progressive?).

That’s money that should be used for further investment in the colony, not to line the pockets of those in power.

And what is with that new woman who’s been helping the Tovich brothers work on this expansion? She showed up a few weeks ago and quickly worked her way up to be Vassiley’s right hand. I hear that Demyan has already put the moves on her, but she has been seen rejecting him publicly. What goes on behind closed doors might be the key to tie this all together…

Until next time,