Javik Station Damaged by Space Junk

GAGARIN COLONY, EISA – Early November 14th, a two-ton fragment of spent retro-booster hit the outer hull of the popular tourist destination Javik Station, forcing the emergency evacuation of staff, guests, and the station’s companion androids.

One unit, “i0n”, was destroyed in the accident, being forcibly extruded through a 15-centimeter breech near site of impact. There were no human injuries.

During repairs to the station, owner Andrei Javik has relocated his business headquarters to Gagarin colony. His companion units have been leased to Quan Ho Kim, proprietress of Mama Kim’s Wonderland, a popular massage parlor and spa on the colony.

One of the more lucrative recreational facilities in nearby colonies, Javik Station has been in operation as a cabaret and hostel since 2007. There is no word on duration of the extensive repairs or financial loss Javik could face.

Javik vows to hold the owners of the spent booster liable for damages to his establishment. Debris in Eisa’s stratosphere has been an increasing concern for shipping and orbiting operations, raising “Acts-of-God” insurance premiums for businesses like Javik Station.

“Safety and pleasure of customers is top one,” said Javik of his station closure. “When repair finish and inspector say ‘okay to go’, we open bigger and better than before. Until then, you enjoy Javik units at Mama Kim’s.”

Despite his optimism, Javik faces lengthy rebuilding and approval before the popular destination is permitted to reopen to the public. New safety guidelines by the Eisa City Planning Commission have stalled much construction.

Javik’s decision to partner with Kim during repairs is not without risk to his brand as well.

In 2016, Kim faced a negligence lawsuit and criminal charges when a recreational gynoid at her establishment malfunctioned, leaving a patron with second and third-degree burns over 40% of his body. Criminal charges were later dismissed and an undisclosed settlement was reached with the patron.